Covid On-Site Testing

COVID-19 Control for Your Organization Via Onsite Testing

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States, life as we knew it came to a halt. For many businesses, working remotely or pausing operations simply were not viable options. Other businesses had to lay off employees or close their doors for good. The hit our economy took was devastating.

To say this has been a difficult time would be an understatement.

As the world slowly begins to turn again, we’re learning how to work, educate, and function while living with COVID-19. We are slowly but surely opening our doors and at the same time, looking to protect our most crucial assets – our employees, our students, our residents and our staff – from the risk of contracting the virus.

NJ Covid Laboratory helps businesses open and keep operations alive and well with comprehensive onsite COVID-19 diagnostic testing for employees, students and other population groups.

Our goal: Reduce your organization’s downtime while ensuring the health of your population through onsite testing. With NJ Covid managing your on-site testing, the people within your organization will be tested and back on with their day in less than 6 minutes.

NJ Covid

will come to your location and conduct on-site COVID-19 diagnostic tests for your population. This includes but is not limited to testing for:

Small Businesses

Our COVID-19 testing solution is currently helping hundreds of small businesses get their staff back to work safely, ensuring a healthy workplace for everyone.

Medical centers

Frontline staff may be at the most risk of contracting COVID-19. Look after you and your staff’s health so you can look after your patients with our testing solution.

Production Crews

Ensure everyone on set is fit to work, from cast and crew to catering, with company COVID-19 testing they can take from the set.


Allow your employees to test for COVID-19 in the parking lot before they come into work with our bulk testing solution.

Colleges & Universities

Your university or college can bulk buy our tests so your students and staff stay protected throughout the academic year. Tests are for 18 years and over.

College & Professional Sports

Supporting both college and professional sports, simply test your athletes in the parking lot or testing facility, ensuring they are healthy before practice or a game.